Solidbot’s Five Bandcamp Picks from July

It’s always exciting to help the bands and labels we work with get their music out into the world. In this edition of the Solidbot Bandcamp roundup we’re showcasing several releases we’ve recently manufactured for several valued clients.

Mountain Movers – Mountain Movers 12″ LP (Trouble in Mind Records)

One of the most recent releases we did for Trouble in Mind Records, Mountain Movers Self-titled LP is now in its second pressing. Per the band’s Bandcamp:
The Mountain Movers have, over the course of five albums and a decade’s worth of LPs, CDs, 7-inches, CDrs, and cassettes steadily become New Haven’s best kept secret; a band capable of lurching between melancholic indie rock, strident garage/psych and pummeling guitar freak-fuckery.

Perennial – The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves 12″ LP (Howling Frequency)

This is the first release of several we’re doing for Howling Frequency Records. Per Brooklyn Vegan’s recent write-up of the band:
New England’s Perennial were formed by members of now-defunct Topshelf indie bands Lion Cub (Chelsey Hahn and Chad Jewett) and Aeroplane, 1929 (Will Mulhern), but Perennial hits a little harder than their past bands.

Suaka – Tiga 12″ LP (Moneyfire Records)

An exciting new record we did for Moneyfire Records from Indonesia’s Suaka. Per the band’s bio at Moneyfire Records:
Suaka was born in the summer of 2001. With heavy metal as the main element from the beginning, they have infused their music (and will continue to do so) with Indonesian traditional music through creative explorations of various indigenous Indonesian melodies.

B4cksp4c3 – Stekker  12″ LP

We recently produced this 12″ LP for Youngstown Ohio’s B4cksp4c3.
Per the artist’s Bandcamp bio:
B4cksp4c3 started making music in ACID around ’06. After being lent a copy of Ableton live, B4cksp4c3 released a few tracks for free on the internet under the moniker Mammal. From ’08-’12 he played guitar in the prog duo Braille. Sadly the laptop that had all the mammal songs died. Now making music in NI Maschine, with influences ranging from Warp Rec and Ghostly.

Four lights/Scarecrow – Okay Friends Split 7″ (Bomb Pop Records)

Another great release we were proud to help with for Seattle’s Bomb Pop Records. Per the release’s Bandcamp bio:
Two groups of mediocre friends decided to kick it up a notch and release a 7″ record of 2 songs each. When their powers combine they become, Okay Friends! 

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Proofing Dustin Lovelis “Been Hit Before” LP

This week we’ve been working on artwork for the new Dustin Lovelis record Been Hit Before, out soon on Porch Party Records from Long Beach, CA. There’s a track premiere at and a preorder up at

Our Art Department has been templating Porch Party Records orders since 2014 starting with printwork for catalog number PARTY002. We’ve recently completed 12″ vinyl manufacturing orders for Nectarines, Litronix, and Religious Girls. Thanks PPR!

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New Omni album from Trouble In Mind

We’re excited to be involved in Trouble In Mind Records’ release of Atlanta band Omni’s newest album Multitask, due out September 22nd, 2017. The band recently premiered their new song “Equestrian,” with coverage from Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Soundblab. Have a listen:


Trouble in mind says:

Framed from within the relentless heatwave of Atlanta, Georgia, Omni cuts through the oppressive humidity of the gilded southern capital with a cool and breezy combo of lo-fi nonchalance. In paying homage to post-punk forebears like Pylon, Wire and Devo, Omni delivers a succinct and focused sound on their 2016 debut. Strung taut with wiry guitar and incisive rhythms, their approach is not without plenty of sneaky, danceable melodies to round off the hard angles. Indeed, ‘Deluxe’ represents a mission statement to cruise a steady though lavish wave of disenchantment like it’s 1979.

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Gaze at the one-sided silkscreened 12″ we MFG’d for shoegazers NOTHING

SOLID MFG recently worked with Louisville, KY’s Funeral Party Records to manufacture a killer one-sided silkscreened 12″. The record reissues the Philly, PA band NOTHING’s debut cassette/CDr demo.

We pressed up 300 on black vinyl, 100 on clear vinyl, and 100 color-in-color with black in clear. All versions came with the Nothing logo screenprinted on the blank b-side of the 12″. The screenprinted side has a 30mm center label. The record comes in a poly-lined black dust jacket, and b/w 350gsm LP jackets with b/w interior printing.

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