SOLID MFG. Vinyl Specials

SOLID MFG. strives to produce high-quality products at an affordable rate for our clients, such as Long Island, N.Y.’s Annulment on their new 12″ LP “The Nihil of Vibrant Soul,” produced using one of our new vinyl specials. Making a record on a budget is more achievable than ever. We offer 250 unit 7” or 12” fully packaged vinyl records for only $1250 or $1800, respectively. Included in the package:

  • 250 Black OR mixed color vinyl records.
  • 4 Test presses.
  • Full color vinyl center labels.
  • Full color standard outer jackets.
  • No charges for overrun.
  • Free delivery to one US location.
  • Countless customization options (color vinyl, inserts, etc.) for an additional price.

 250 Unit 7″ Vinyl Record Pressing 

250 Unit 12″ Vinyl Record Pressing

At Solid our mission is simple: Music Manufacturing, Made Easy. If neither of these options suit your needs, contact us for a custom quote today and start your perfect release: